How a Real Estate Company Works

A real estate company is a business that helps individuals and businesses buy and

sell property. These companies can be a brokerage, a real estate management firm,

or a developer. Some of these companies may also offer services such as property

appraisals or home inspections.

The industry is dominated by agents and brokers who represent buyers or sellers of

properties, usually with a commission fee. They work out of an office and may be

members of the local multiple listing service, or MLS. They may also be affiliated with

a real estate company or brokerage, which allows them to follow the branding and

resources of that business while still working independently.


Finding clients is central to the success of a real estate agent, so a large portion of

their time is spent meeting people and fostering relationships. This can include

networking events and regular meetings with a client’s sphere of influence, which

includes family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Agents will often use social

media, email, phone, or even snail mail to stay top of mind with those in their sphere

and generate leads. Also read


Once an agent has a client, they will often help them through the buying or selling

process and provide expert advice. Whether a client is buying a first home, selling a

multi-unit building, or navigating an investment purchase, an agent will be there to

guide them through the process and ensure that their interests are protected.

As a result, real estate agents need to be very knowledgeable about the real estate

market. This can mean staying up to date on trends, analyzing data, and keeping

track of countless listings. It also means being able to answer questions about the

school system, local crime rates, and average home prices in the area.


Successful real estate agents will often hire assistants to help with administrative

tasks, such as scheduling appointments or preparing paperwork. This frees up their

time to focus on more revenue-generating activities.

Many real estate agents will also work as part of a team, which can be an ideal path

for new and inexperienced agents. These teams can provide benefits such as

covered expenses and a group of mentors. They can also feed agents leads, allowing

them to spend more time with clients.


The real estate industry is complex, but it can be a rewarding career for those who

take the right approach to business planning, service marketing, and lead

generation. By staying persistent and continuously learning, agents can build a

strong business that supports their lifestyle goals and establishes a solid financial